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Phase 1 Games

These free online games will be useful for Phase 1 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. Most of the games will work well on an interactive whiteboard as well as for individual play on a computer. To play a game, just click the picture and it will open in a new window or tab.

Phase 1 Resources - Sound Starter

Sound Starter

Click any of the yellow bubbles to hear a random sound. Some are real sounds and others are funny sound effects. Some start off quietly and gradually get louder, some are long and some are short so there's lots to talk about. Phonics Play Phase 1.

Phase 1 Resources - Rhythm Safari

Rhythm Safari

Listen to the animal names as they are tapped out for you, with one tap per syllable, e.g. 4 taps for rhinoceros, 1 tap for snake etc. Next you have to listen to a rhythm and click on the correct animal. In the next level you are shown an animal and have to click to produce the right rhythm. CBeebies

Phase 1 Resources - Sound Starter

Guess the Animal

In this game you can first choose to meet the animals. This allows children to become familiar with the pictures and animal noises used in the game. Next you can play guess the animal. Click the New Animal button and a box will be delivered with a noisy animal hidden inside. Click the picture that matches. Phonics Play Phase 1.

Phase 1 - Sound Around game

Sound Around sound matching game

In this CBeebies game you match environmental sounds (the sea, crunchy carrots, telephone etc.) to pictures. This game is quite slow moving and it encourages attentive listening.

Phase 1 Resources - Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock

In this game children can see the words to the familiar rhyme with buttons to control the animated actions and sound effects. Phonics Play Phase 1.

Phase 1 Resources - Barnyard Matchup Game

Phase 1 - Barnyard Matchup Game

This is a memory game where you match up a realistic animal sound to a picture of the correct animal (from Harcourt School Publishers).

Phase 1 Resources - Little People Animal Match Game

Little People animal match game

This is a simple online game from Fisher Price. Listen to the animal sound, then click which of the two animals made the sound.

Phase 1 Resources - Cray Machine

Cray Machine sound effects activity

Click in the orange square, then press any lower case letter on your keyboard. Each letter produces a different sound effect and visual pattern. Some of the sounds are long, some short, some loud and some quiet. Useful for experimenting and talking about sounds.

Phase 1 - Chit Chat sound guessing game

Chit Chat guess the sounds game

Another excellent game from CBeebies. Listen to the sound (as many times as you like), then guess what made the sound.

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